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    Palm Bay

Melbourne’s Premier CrossFit Facilities

CrossFit is a maverick in the fitness world. Unorthodox, independent, and totally unlike anything else on the market - that’s CrossFit. And that’s Maverick CrossFit.

We’re a group of passionate coaches and athletes who are as focused on mental strength as we are physical accomplishments. That’s what makes CrossFit different. It’s not all about measurements and scales. Here, we help you build more than just muscle. We want you to build the confidence in yourself and your abilities that helps you live a better life -- inside and outside the gym.

Our all-star coaching staff takes pride in our reputation as a "tough but fun" box. Weightlifting is a big part of our culture, and we always strive for safety and explaining the "why" behind what we do.

Be stronger than your excuses

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Our Facility

Maverick CrossFit has two locations in Melbourne and Palm Bay, so we’re close by no matter where you are. Best part is: when you become a member, you get to use them both!

Our first location, Maverick 1, in Melbourne, is HUGE: 15,000-square-feet of everything you could imagine in a CrossFit box. It’s got an athlete’s lounge for hanging out and events, a full weightlifting area, a large CrossFit gym, and top-quality equipment.

Maverick 2, in Palm Bay, is the downsized version of our flagship gym, with 2,500-square-feet of space for you to stretch out and sweat, play with all the cool CrossFit toys you love (and sometimes love to hate) and so much more.

  • The best CrossFit Box I've ever been to. Amazing facility, the instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, and the community is very friendly, focused, and inclusive.

    James McLane

  • They put a lot of thought into their programming. The atmosphere is also very friendly and the gym is super clean and spacious. I have visited several CrossFit gyms around the area, and Maverick is my favorite.

    Sarah Queisi

  • This place is amazing!! By far the best box I have ever dropped into while I'm traveling. Huge facility, super well-kept and the coaches are awesome. Everyone is so nice. Highly recommended!!!!

    Chris Henger